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Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years. The acupuncturist inserts very fine needles into the patient’s skin at specific points along the body’s meridians. The stimulation of these acupuncture points affects both the central and peripheral nervous systems. It triggers the release of the body’s internal chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalin, which have pain-relieving properties.

€75 / 60 min.


Electro-Acupuncture benefits for a wide range of conditions: Chronic muscle spasms, Neurological conditions, Muscle weakness / wasting disorders, Partial paralysis disorders, Trauma / Accident Recovery and Chronic pain syndromes.

€75 / 60 min.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a therapy in which a jar is placed on the skin surface to cause local congestion through the removal of the air in the jar. This method promotes the free flow of chi and blood in the channels, diminishing swellings, pains, and dispelling cold and dampness which characterise some disorders according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. We also use a form of cupping (called balance cupping) in which a special oil is applied with circular movements over acupuncture channels, meridians, and points to create a warm feeling, helping to move chi and detoxify your system.

€45 / 30 min.

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is pronounced ‘tweena’. ‘Ancient massage that will rock and roll away your pain’ is derived from the Chinese words ‘Tui’ meaning to push and ‘Na’ meaning to grasp, two techniques fundamental to traditional Chinese medical massage and medicine. It is a deep, vigorous form of bodywork. The subtle variation of direction and force that can be brought to bear on each chi point is one of the unique features of Tui Na massage. Every chi point has an effect on chi movement when it is intensely stimulated with pressure. An expert Tui Na practitioner will be aware of which combination of these points to use when treating specific problems.

€50 / 30 min.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine can be critical to get good and fast results along with acupuncture or other treatments, acute and chronic. There are different forms to prescribe for patients, such as raw herbs, granules, tablets, and pills. Chinese medicine is not just taken internally, external patches, washes, liniments and lotion are also options to suitable situations to help patients’ fast recovery.

€35 / 7 days

Follow up Treatment

Depends on the treatment.

€45 – €85 / 45 min.